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Change the path to the enpass-folder in macOS Big Sur


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Does anybody know a solution to store the default path to the storage-folder from Enpass in macOS Big Sur?

By default there is created a folder under ~/Documents. This Folder is not «moveable» by drag & drop. And I don't like to do it with Terminal, because it could cause problems.
Unfortunately the storage-place (storage-folder in German Speicherort) is set to a folder that not exist.


And when I click on the underlined link, a finder popsup with the path: User/mh/Documents/Enpass.

Maybe this «wrong» path is some old-stuff from before the upgrade to big sur (from Mojave install).
So I uninstall the hole EnpassApp with AppCleaner and reinstall it. No difference.
Then I use also «Delete all». No change....

I read in the documentation, the path is changeable by clicking on «change location». But I can't find the button. And when I click on the «location-path» (Speicherort) the finder pops no possibility to change and also no right-click contextual-menu to find. 

Would be great to get help to change the directory out from the root-folder in «Documents». We have an internal hirarchiecal solution for folder-structure. The Enpass folder does not match in the default place.

  • Does anybody has a solution for this need to «move the location of the Enpass-Folder»?
  • Is that possible at all?
  • Do I have to delete some deeper preferences-/system-stuff?
  • Or any help, if I misunderstood something basic?

Thanks for help

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Hi @mad99,

Welcome to the forum!

The option to change database location is only available for app downloaded from Enpass website. If you have downloaded Enpass from app store, it won’t be possible to change the database location. To change the database location in website version, please follow these steps:

  • Open Enpass → Under Settings, go to Advanced → Click on Change Location to change the data location.

To help you better, let us know the exact Enpass version you using. or share from where have you installed the Enpass app(Enpass website or Store)?

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Thank you @Pratyush Sharma,

o.OIf you know it, it's totally easy!
You were 100% right. The DownloadSource was the reason. I had Installed from AppStore not with Web-Download.
Thank you very much for help!

Because you are batched by «ENPASS TEAM» some following question/thoughts:

  • Why there are differences although  the version-identifiers (6.6.0) is the same?

Normally, the app from AppStore seams to be «more secure».
Would be great, the differences from AppStore <-> WebDownloadwere be published.
Currently without SHA/MD5 hash without knowing there are differences (same version in the install-overview), I would always prefer the AppStore «by default».

Maybe this will help other on the same way, searching the difference between documentation/realLive.;)

Best regards

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