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Sync with SD card

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Hey there.


I know there's another thread about that, but since that one is closed with no solution I need to open another one.

I run a Galaxy Tab A 10 with latest Samsung Nougat 7.0. Since it has only 16gb of internal space I added am SD card to it.

I sync a lot of stuff between a couple of devices by Resilio Sync which is not a system app but a 3rd party tool.

Sync target of my Enpass vault folder is "SD://Download/Enpass" according to Resilio Sync.

I can browse and maipulate that exact same folder with both, Samsung's file manager as well as any other file manager I download via Play store, such as ASTRO.

Both, ASTRO and Resilio asked for special privileges before being able to write to the SD card.


When I try to select the respective folder on my SD card as sync target of Enpass, the "Ready" button is greyed out.


Is there a chance you don't handle those special folder privileges? Something like advanced storage api,?


To make it clear: I just confirmed two different 3rd party apps can both read and write on my SD card. If Enpass can't then I guess that's a bug.




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That's the other one. But as stated, at least two 3rd party apps I downloaded from Play Store (which one of those happens to be my prefered sync tool) managed to aquire write access where Enpass just assumes there is none.

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