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Use Enpasss vault on multiple devices and with different Apple IDs?


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Hello everyone,

I have the following challenge: 

I use an iPhone with an Aplle ID (business), a MacBook and iPad with my private Apple ID and my wife uses an iPhone with her own Apple ID.

We want to use a password safe for our joint access and an individual one, i.e. a total of 4 safes. Is that possible?

Many greetings, GHK1971

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Hey @GHK1971

Welcome to the forum!

Yes, it is possible. To use a password vault (safe) for saving items individually and shared (joint access), you need 4 vaults:

  1. Personal Vault for you- You can make Primary vault as your personal vault and set-up sync with your private Apple ID.
  2. Personal vault on your wife's iPhone- You wife can use Primary vault on her iPhone as her personal vault and can set-up sync with her own Apple ID.
  3. Work vault for you - In this, please create a secondary vault, for Work and sync the same vault with your business Apple ID.
  4. Shared vault with your wife- Now create another vault to share it with your wife and she can access the same vault and the info on her own device. In this case, even if you or your wife makes any changes in the item details of the shared vault, the same will get synced on each-others device.

Note- To create a new vault on any device, follow the steps:- Open Enpass > Click on Settings > Tap on Vaults > Click on "+" and give a name to this vault > Continue.

Let me know if you have any queries.


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