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(Mobile app:) Ability to create, add, and default to new Item template


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(Yes I know, covered in other threads. I repeat.)

Matter of efficiency. I use “Default” over and over, and make the same changes over and over (such as re-ordering some fields and not using others). I could easily create a more useful (to me) template. I could raise it to the top by giving it some sort of alpha-sorted-first name such as “AAAAAAAA”. Fine with me. Quickie process. Lemme do it, please. Make my life easier!

(My solution for now? Create a new “login” item named AAAAAAAA. Enter info as usually desired. Re-order fields as customary. Save. When a new item is needed, Duplicate “AAAAAAAA”, fill in the blanks, add any fields if needed (rarely), and last, type a new item name to replace “AAAAAAAA (copy)”.)

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Hey @albopf

Currently, creating a custom template within Enpass is only available on Desktop. Once the template on desktop is created and synced, it will be available automatically on your mobile devices. However, we have noted your suggestion to add this feature on mobile devices as well and shared it with the team for further consideration.


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