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Browser freezes on ENTER in ASP.net web app when Enpass extension is enabled

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This is probably going to be a very obscure issue, but I'll report it anyway.

When using the Acumatica ERP, pressing the ENTER key within the web app causes the browser to freeze. This is only the case when the Enpass extension is active. This is true for both Chrome and the new Edge browser.

The browser will report the page being unresponsive and give options to Exit or Wait. If I exit and reload, the page is fine until I forget to avoid pressing ENTER.

This seems like a fairly specific issue, but Acumatica can't be the only web app with this issue.

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Hey @beardedmogul

Sorry for the trouble. We tried to test this issue on Acumatica ERP but we are not able to reproduce it. To proceed with the testing, please share the following details so we can investigate this problem appropriately:

  1. Please share the link of the website on which you are getting this issue?
  2. Did you start facing this issue recently - like after an Enpass update, or did you face the same problem earlier as well.
  3. On which device and OS version are you getting this?
  4. Which Enpass version and Enpass extension version are you using on the same device?
  5. Which Chrome and Edge browser version you using?


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