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MINOR BUG: "syncing" animation on All Vaults keeps spinning long after syncs are complete

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Hi folks,

FYI, the "syncing" animation on the All Vaults icon keeps spinning for a very long time after all vaults have completed their sync (screenshot attached).

I'm running on Mac, but this has been an ongoing problem for quite some time, over many iterations of the beta.

2021-03-22 All Vaults sync animation keeps spinning.png

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Posted (edited)

Hi Garima,

I've found more instances likely related to this bug.

I recently got a new computer, and for some reason Enpass was having trouble backing up one of my vaults.

It correctly displayed a red ring around the icon of the affected vault...



But when you open Vault Settings, things in this menu start going wrong, starting with all the cloud-service logos being replaced with the "no cloud sync" icon, and the red ring disappears around the affected vault:



Then when I started re-establishing the sync on the misbehaving vault, every vault in the menu showed the green "progress" animation, and every vault displayed a Google Drive icon:



Then after getting reconnected to the cloud service on that misbehaving vault, every vault went back to showing the "no cloud" icon:



Closing and reopening the Vaults Menu made the icons return to the appropriate could service icons for each vault.








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