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Android Enpass not authenticating with Windows 10 WebDAV server


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I set up a webdav server on windows 10 using these directions: https://medium.odrive.com/how-to-easily-setup-a-webdav-server-on-windows-and-sync-to-it-8469b9259435

I can log in successfully from a mac and the local pc on the same subnet.

Enpass on Android is stuck on "authenticating"

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Hey @ruarri

Thanks for reaching out to us.

First make sure you are using right URL. Now open a browser and enter WebDAV URL. Provide username and password, if you can see your WebDAV folders/files in browser than your URL is OK.

If your WebDAV is an OwnCloud or NextCloud server, the URL should be:


Also, you can refer this FAQ.

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