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I was snooping around and tried to find option to save form filling information. I thought Identity option is for that maybe but after trying everything it seems enpass does not have form filling options in it. We can ignore cloud storage, We can ignore Bookmarks but Form filling? Is this only me or does enpass really do not have that option? If there is then please guide me HOWTO. Even i have tried using my saved credit card to fill on a payment page but it also did not worked. Please help me Here Enpass Team.


I just miss Roboform :( Coming from roboform to Enpass was hard but lack of features is another hurdle. I just wish you guys can help me with this.

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Hey @Fadi

That is a difference between Webform and Identity, as Enpass only saves Webform if there are a username and password field in the Webform page wherein Identity you can save the information which doesn't have password field to autofill. Check below-mentioned steps to know how Identity works:

  1. Save items in identity categories.
  2. Open the particular website in any browser where you want to autofill ---> Click on Enpass extension --> Click on Identities. --> Select and double click on the particular item where you want to auto-fill.
On 5/21/2021 at 2:45 PM, Fadi said:

Even i have tried using my saved credit card to fill on a payment page but it also did not worked

If you still not able to fill on the payment page, then please share the name or link of payment page where you are getting such issue so that we can test it.


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