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Failed to encrypt the data with the generated key error on Pixel 4a


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I recently bought Pixel 4a as a replacement for my Pixel 3a, and after restoring the content from the old phone, I encounter following issue with Enpass.

I'm using biometrics (fingerprint) as a identification method, and now on Pixel 4a, after every fingerprint prompt, I also need to enter Master password. On previous Pixel 3a, the behavior is expected one, with fingerprint check, the Enpass is unlocked without password prompt.

I did manage to notice, that when I enable the Biometrics option in the Settings, and authenticate myself with fingerprint, I'll get the following toast message at the bottom of the screen: "Failed to encrypt the data with the generated key error". Biometrics seems to be enabled then anyway (it's checked in Settings), but when I want to open the Enpass to get the password for any app/webpage, I need to also enter my Master password, as mentioned previously.

As for a troubleshooting steps, I tried Erase everything option from Settings, as well as reinstall Enpass app.

I'm currently using Enpass version on a Pixel 4a with latest Android 11 (June 2021 security patches).

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Hey @Srandista

Welcome to the forum!

Please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the problem persists.

  1. Open Device settings --> Go to Security & lock screen --> Select Screen lock --> Setup PIN. (In case, if you're using some other function to unlock your device)
  2. Now delete all the Bio-metrics/fingerprint from device settings and add a new one.
  3. Now Enable Bio-metrics in Enpass.

If this doesn't help, please confirm if a keyfile is added to the vault?

Thanks for your co-operation.

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