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New user, a couple small things I'd like to see


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1. Get rid of notifications that the program is still available in the notification area. I have disabled the notifications in Windows, but once I updated the program, notifications are back. Please let me disable notifications from inside the program. 

2. Open the full program from notification area. Maybe allow single and double click to perform a specific action? Single click open the mini search window, double click or middle click to open the main program. Just noticed you can double click to open the main program, but I still think custom actions to choose middle click to open the main window would be nice.

3. Custom icons for entries.

4. Custom categories, and custom icons. Some colored icons would be nice.

5. The one thing I loved about Lastpass, and Dashlane seems to be ignoring, is equivalent domains. Example: Toronto Public Library has their main website torontopubliclibrary.ca, but they also have their online website toronto.libraryreserve.com, which uses the same credentials. It'd be great to login to both without having separate credentials. Didn't see the url custom field. I'm officially on board with Enpass.

6. Portable version. I know it's been discussed in other threads, and I would be super happy to see this.

I must say though, this program is incredible in most areas. Secret question and answer field, custom fields, TOTP, and the minimalist design, good job developers. :D

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I should have played around with the program some more before posting lol
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Hi @Pete,


the points 3,4,6 was already discussed here in this forum. So please don't write it again in another topic, otherwise we discuss same features twice....

Next I think, that the title is very important and the title of this topic tells nothing really about it....


I suggest you to delete this topic and create only for the point 1 a topic(if not already a topic about the notificantion exist) with the title Disable windows notification.




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