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Stolen iPhone, how to delete/deactivate Enpass from Phone


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Hello Everybody, my iPhone was stolen this afternoon and I'm worried about all my Logins on the Enpass App. I have the app set up to unlock with Face ID or the phone code and I wonder if there is a way to remove or deactivate Enpass on my phone with no access to the phone?

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Hello @MBisig!

Thank you for writing in.

We do not store data on our servers and hence are not in control of your device or data any way. 

Your first line of defence in this situation will be your iPhone PIN. Even if an attacker is able to guess your PIN and get hold of your Enpass data, he won't be able to open/decrypt it as long as he doesn't know/guess your master password. If it is protected by a good master password, your Enpass data is safe.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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