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Strange behaviour when using iCloud sync


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I use Enpass 6.6.3 and have two "Vaults" (tresor in German) or whatever the english phrase is. Both are synced using iCloud.

Now something strange happens:

  1. I add a new entry to one of the two "Vaults"
  2. sync over iCloud
  3. when the other vault is synced, it also contains the new entry!

it does not always happen at the first sync. but it happens eventually. this is really strange.

This is especially annoying when syncing to other devices, first I thought it is related to that. But it also happens locally...

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Hello @Zagdul!

Welcome to the Enpass Forum.

Each Enpass vault must be synced to different cloud account, otherwise items will be mixed up. Make sure you have synced both the vaults with a different iCloud account or another cloud account.

Also, you can check item of a  specific vault as show in screenshot. Let us know if there is a mixup.


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ok, I do only have one iCloud account. That is causing the trouble then? Interesting. Was not aware of that. So, if you want to have several vaults, you also need several iCloud accounts or sync them in different ways?

I saw the icon, that's how I found out about the duplication of items. 

Thanks for the info!


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Hello @Zagdul!

Yes, If you are using multiple vaults, then each vault needs to be synchronized with a separate cloud account. Although, by different cloud, we mean different accounts, not services i.e. you can have multiple accounts on Dropbox and set up sync of the different vaults with them. For more details on multiple vaults, I would suggest you visit User manual.

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