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Option to not require an enpass account? Esp. when preferring local/wifi-sync?

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Hi Noel,

Enpass does not offer/require an "Enpass account". Do you perhaps mean the email address you are asked for when you are trying to activate Enpass' premium features?

If so, you do need network access to enable premium features, but you don't need it all the time, just long enough for the system to send you a one-time use login code to your email account.

If that isn't something you want to do, then you could easily use Enpass' free version and just deal with the limitations.

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Hi @noel

Welcome to the Enpass community!

Enpass does not strictly require you to register in order to work. It will work perfectly fine if you do not register yourself but the features will be limited to "Trial" version. It is recommended that you register your purchase so that you can unlock premium features on your other devices too. Please not that your Enpass vault data is never stored on our servers, only your purchased license info is.

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