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Migration of remote hosted vaults to Wi-Fi sync

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Hallo all,

most users will have their vaults on own WebDAV servers or in a cloud of some sort.

In the tutorial I miss a detailed description how to migrate the existing remotely hosted data so that the vault(s) will be distributed by the new local Wi-Fi synchronization in the future.

Is the mentioned FAQ available?

Thank you!


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Hello @Tillerbach!

Welcome to the Enpass Forum. 

Migrating the data from a cloud account to WiFi sync is a simple process:

  1. Disconnect the cloud sync from the devices one by one.  [ If you want Enpass to remove your data from cloud, select the option "delete the data from cloud account" on your last device while disconnecting.]
  2. Setup WiFi sync as per this guide.

 For more information on WiFi sync, I would suggest you to visit:

  1. Detailed information on WiFi sync.
  2. WiFi sync manual setup.
  3. WiFi sync troubleshooting steps.  
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