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  1. @Vikram Dabas Thank you very much for the clarifying word about the topic. The Enpass page at the Microsoft Store reads: Though you can buy the one-time in-App purchase for following premium features: - Windows Hello - Dark Theme No further footnote or explanation. There will be buyers who have made their purchase decision because of this feature. The actual integration of the function, then probably deviates from the expectation of the buyer. At least that applies to me. This creates, at least for some customers, a certain expectation. A thread that is ignored for more than 5 months and receives no official statement does not help either. Please try to understand the disappointed customers and keep us up to date. I am very pleased that there is a solution for the problematic development and I am already looking forward to the function. I will continue to use Enpass with pleasure and recommend it at any time.
  2. +1 The same is true for me. The main reason for buying the license was unlocking it with Windows Hello. Please adjust the function accordingly. Thank you very much.
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