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Cannot use window hello login for Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 and Galaxy Flex 2 after reboot


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It is strange that both notebook models; Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 and Samsung Galaxy Flex 2 after reboot will require to retype Enpass master password.  I purchased Galaxy Pro 360 and also tried another model Galaxy Flex 2 to install Enpass window version to test. Both have TPM 2.0 enabled but both stated that master password is required after enpass reboot. 

Don't know what is wrong. I have Samsung Galaxy Flex 1 before and it can use window hello after reboot. 

See whether there is any idea how can resolve it. 

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Thank you for reaching out to us.

Whether the full-time Window Hello will work on any device totally depends on the Microsoft Windows itself.

To determine the compatibility of the device to support Full-time Windows Hello (feature is only available with Enpass Store version), Enpass relies on this API provided by the Microsoft. It is the only way to distinguish whether the security keys are generated by a legit Hardware TPM. There is little Enpass can do in this case. 

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