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Hi @drjbg,

Welcome to the Enpass community.

There are two types of vaults in Enpass: Primary and Secondary vaults. The very first vault you create/add in Enpass is referred to as the Primary vault and rest of the other vaults are considered as the secondary vaults in Enpass. You can not rename or remove the Primary vault. The password of the Primary vault acts as the master password of Enpass. 

On 9/11/2021 at 5:20 AM, drjbg said:

Am I able to delete or disable on of them?

We do not have vault disable option, you can only remove/delete the Secondary Vaults in Enpass by the following steps (attached screenshots for you reference)

  • Go to Settings--> Click on Vaults--> Select the Secondary vault which you want to remove. (Work Vault for example)
  • Click the options menu (3-dots) button and click Remove Vault.

   image.thumb.png.5c273f4fc444d5ed75a7c3842a0bd29b.png -->    image.thumb.png.07e4ae65513414726517efba17f1410c.png

  • You’ll be asked to authorize yourself by entering the master password of Enpass.
  • After authorization completes, you’ll see a warning message to ensure removing the vault. You’ll also be provided with an option to save the vault password as an item in Enpass for future reference. Unselect the option if you don’t want to save the password. Click Remove button, and done.

image.png.a05547bb93e69816703cf08b3fd7009e.png   -->   image.png.3f59b09ffda0a317dd605aaca2ad4e67.png  

After this the "Work" vault will be successfully removed from the Enpass.

Do follow these above-mentioned steps and let me know if this worked for you. 


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