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Enpass needs connection info to G-Drive every time I open the app


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Forget the below: Solved

Killed the process and restarted



I have installed enpass on W10, connected successfully to G-Drive, synced all my data, confirmed the code sent to my email and could also access everything. Next time I start enpass, I get the window restore from or create account ... again. 


Please, how do I get rid of this?



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Hi @ILikeMyJeep,

Welcome to the Enpass community.

Thank you for notifying us that your issue has been resolved. I appreciate your troubleshooting skills.

Sometimes the component of the system may simply get into an undefined state, rendering a malfunction but when re-set into its initial state, it may work just well afterward. 
Reboot basically does that it makes sure that all the computer system components are re-set into their initial state. So, in case of a non-destructive failure, the machine is rebooted and serves its purpose again

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