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Enpass Chrome + Windows will not auto-fill at all.


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Enpass Chrome + Windows will not auto-fill at all. I was really excited about purchasing it after I saw that you could add categories, tags and use FaceID.

But if it doesn't auto-fill then I'm better off sticking with the free Microsoft Autofill, which is surprisingly great. But the deal breaker is that it doesn't have a mobile version..

I have the options checked to auto on both the extension and the PC app. I've tried on several websites where I only had one login.

Any tips?

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Hi @cosetefoc

Welcome to the Enpass Community!

When you are trying to auto-fill, please make sure that the Enpass app is running in the background and Extension is paired. Would also advise you to check your antivirus/firewall settings, make sure that you have allowed access to Enpass. If the issue persists, please share the below information with me and I'll get it checked - 

a) Version of Enpass App, Extension and OS

b) List some of the websites on which the extension is not working for you

c) (If any) Error you are getting while trying to auto-fill?

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