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Can this extension please stop breaking websites?

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It's not the first time that I find something not working on some website, only to find out that nothing is broken, it's just not working for me because of the Enpass extension. Can the Enpass extension please stop messing and breaking websites? I don't know what you do behind the scenes, but there's no reason whatsoever for such an extension to break something like this. You need to get your act together!

This time around, I'm talking about this page: https://tiptap.dev/examples/tasks

Open i, open the console tab in your browser developer tools, and then try to check/uncheck the checkboxes you see on that page. Observe that they don't toggle and that every time you click a checkbox, an error is printed to the console. Now disable the Enpass extension, and try again. Voilà, no more errors, everything is working as expected, and as it should.

Can this be fixed ASAP please?

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