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How to stop enpass opening all the time?

Orangenal name

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Whenever I open my tablet, enpass always launches, and it might not be so annoying you might think, it adds an extra layer of security to my device, but I can just hit the home button and get out of it. This means that it is just an annoying time waster every time I open my device. I looked through all the settings but couldn't find anything on how to turn this off. Is it a bug or an intended feature that I can stop?

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Hi @Orangenal name

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

Apologies for the inconvenience in this case. It is definitely not an intended feature and I will gladly get this checked for you but to do so, I will need some additional information from you. Please share the below details with me - 

  1. Version of the Enpass App and OS you are using
  2. Screenshot of the Pop up which is occurring when you open your tablet
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