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improvement of url matching for the logins


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there are a few domains I encounter where a different port number requires a different login.

could enpass be tweaked so that the match against a login is,

"https://domain:port-number", and not just "https://domain.com" ?

and also shouldn't https:// be enforceable and if not the case yet for certain sites, perhaps allow the enforcement with a checkbox?

.. this could strengthen enpass' security as sometimes it is difficult to see whether a site is doing https or http.

some browsers hide https at the front of the domain name... and sometimes partial support for https appears with a skewed image on the lock-icon of the site --- often I have to click on the lock-icon area to determine whether I am looking at http or https.

just these small improvements can significantlty improve the security features for enpass.

-- it will make the product a lot better imho... because then the user only has to set an "https-enable everywhere" checkbox and never have to worry about this.

also, it gets annoying to determine which login I have to use because two services I often use are against the same domain with different port numbers(so this requires separate logins)

-- could there also be a checkbox for domain-setting matchings? a simple checkbox for "port number matching" against a URL can really benefit users who frequent to sites similar like it.

these are also not that great deal requests to implement, yet I presume other users must agree with these features as being an overall improvement for enpass, as Lets Encrypt is freely available everywhere and is no excuse to not having https-enforced for all websites.




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