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New signing certificate & Windows SmartScreen warning : Enpass 6.7.4 & onwards

Mohit Thapa

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Hi Enpass Users

To make sure you are updated with our developments, we would like to inform you that our Windows signing certificate is expiring on 28 Nov 2021. From version 6.7.4 onwards all releases will be signed by a new certificate. Because of this new signing certificate, you might see a Windows SmartScreen warning after downloading & running the installer.



Microsoft has reverted us that it is due to new versions, low download and install count initially. Request you to take affirmative actions while seeing the following warning popups.

For more information and required steps, please refer the FAQ

If you still face any concern or have any question, please reach us here or on support@enpass.io


Note: It is a temporary warning and will not appear in the future when downloads reach a certain number.

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