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Browser extension (6.7.0) in Edge has issues with Service Now.

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Hi @BerndV,

Welcome to the Enpass community.

Please let us know the following so that we can assist you better.

  1. On which device (along with OS and Enpass versions) are you using?
  2. URL of the website/webpage you are getting this issue.
  3. Share the screenshot of the error.
  4. Are you facing the same problem with other browsers too? If yes mention all.
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I do have the exact same problem. Happens in Chrome, Firefox, Edge (Chromium) since 6.7.0 extension. You are not able to select fields in Service Now https://www.servicenow.com/ Pobably no Service Now User will be able to tell you a website as those are all customer instances only the customer has access to. The only way you could check this is probably with a ServiceNow developer instance (its free for everyone but will be deleted after 7 days of inactivty) which also replicates how customer instances are working. It can be requested after registration from here. Unfortunately black listing your instances sites doesnt seem to work. Only disabling pop-ups seem to fix the issue for now. Will this help you to fix the issue?

2021-11-29 14_59_02-Enpass-Einstellungen.png

2021-11-29 14_57_15-Enpass-Einstellungen.png

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Hi I also had the same issue on ServiceNow and Other Sites using Drop Down boxes

I was able to get the Blacklist / Block List working by adding a * to the end of the URL


Then I had to turn off the extension and turn it back on.



After these steps ServiceNow worked and also Drop Down Boxes worked

Also fixed a page scrolling issue I was having with forms containing Drop Down Boxes

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