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WifiSync doesn't work before Enpass is authorized


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Hi @Miraculix

Please disconnect the Wifi-Sync and follow the steps in the link to set up Wifi-Sync manually. You can also refer to this link for troubleshooting steps. If the issue persists, request you to please elaborate on your concern and share the below details with me, so I'll be able to get this checked for you - 

  1. Version of the Enpass app and OS you are using.
  2. Screenshot of any error which may be occurring.
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Hello Abhishek,

My app-version on Android is and on Windows 6.7.4 (934).

On Android I can't create a screenshot, on Windows see Aufnahme1. As long as Enpass is not authorized (Aufnahme 2) on the server this behavior persists. After authorization of enpass on the server all works fine. See next message

Kind regards




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Sorry, there were misleading pictures.

 See Aufnahme1 before authenticating on server, Aufnahme3 after authenticating. Aufnahme 2 waiting for authentication on server.
The expected behavior is, just after starting up the server password synchronisation should work.

Aufnahme 1



Aufnahme 2



Aufnahme 3

Kind regads





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Misleading pictures
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