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Wi-Fi Sync: What if Desktop with Wi-Fi Server gets broken? Any Chance to recover vault?


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Actually, everything is working fine so far. My Windows 11 Desktop acts as the Wi-Fi Sync server and my iPhones are connected via Wi-Fi Sync. That means that my vault is on all devices.

What if my Desktop gets broken, and I don't have access to it and to the Wi-Fi Server and the vault? Is there any chance to get my vault from my iPhone to a fresh Windows 11 installation, so that the new Desktop could act as the Wi-Fi Sync server and holds the "old" vault again?

I just tried to create a new vault on my Windows 11 Desktop and tried to recover the vault via Wi-Fi, but there was no Wi-Fi Sync server found.

Do I have to use a local backup in that case? If yes, this means I have to back up the local backups away from the Windows 11 Desktop, right?

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Enpass Wi-Fi Sync is a small WebDAV file server under the hood, restricted to a folder of your shared vaults. Since the server is on your local machine, its address is made discoverable by the Enpass client on your other devices via the mDNS protocol. Enpass client on other devices can discover running Wi-Fi Sync Server on the network and pair with it. The pairing can be done manually by verifying a code (to verify the server’s certificate) and access code (password for server) or by scanning a QR code that embeds all information required.


Rachel Gomez

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