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Local Network Sync Folder on QNAP dont work with iPhone and iPad

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Hello in the Round,

i have a big problem to Sync my iPhone and iPad with the Local Folder on my QNAP.

My MacBook and my Windows Desktop PC Sync on the Folder on my Local Network on the QNAP that Work.
But i dont have any change or option to Sync my iPhone or iPad with this folder.

What make i wrong here the same option as with the Macbook or Windows PC is not available with the iPhone or iPad with the Sny with Folderthe option are .

Many thanks for your help and a solution.



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Hi Abhishek,
many thnaks for your message.
Its no Screenshot, i miss the function to Sync on my iPhone or iPhad with a local Folder in my Network.

I miss the Setup option by iPhone if you make Local Sync by Destop version its work and the Options are there.

How i find by ipHone/iPad the Folder Sync Options for Sync the Local Network folder on my QNAP



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