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Accidentally selected keyfile, how do I go back to no keyfile?


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I am in the process of adding a keyfile to my vault.  In the process I accidentally selected the keyfile on my Linux machine before I had changed it to use a keyfile.  I cannot find a way to clear the keyfile entry on the login screen so I am unable to open the vault, or log into the program so I can change the configuration .  How can I open the vault?

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Hi @xyzzy,

Thank you for writing to the Enpass Community Forums. 

Keyfile can be removed only when you have access to the Enpass app on your Linux machine otherwise there are no other options to access your data. Following are the steps to remove a Keyfile:

  1. Enpass settings -> Vaults -> Change Master Password -> From the bottom, select "Advanced" -> Remove Keyfile -> Set new Master password. 
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