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black skin / theme

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Me again I forgot sth.


True Story here so.

I live in Europe and my mom in Latin America.

She called me like at 2 am to know if I still remember the password of her WiFi in Latin America.. Amazing I know

Sure if it is a password I have it

Opened the ENPASS APP ( android ) and I almost go blind,  so much white color every where ( my screen background light is at minimum to save battery. )

My girlfriend woke up just to fight me ( why on earth do I need to turn on the lights at 2 am )  Sweetheart is my phone and the APP background ist white


Thanks for the help here in this manner

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Hi @alien51

We are really sorry that you had to face wrath of your girlfriend and on the other hand you couldn't skip the call from your mom.  

Enpass cares for you and today in a meeting, we discussed the issue of supporting dark theme for Android but frankly telling that due to many other priorities like TOTP etc, we have no idea when we will start working on dark theme. Hopefully like iOS, Android will also support the Night mode in device and for the time being will save some of our development efforts.

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