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Items oder in Inline Autofill Popup Menu

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On 12/30/2021 at 6:37 AM, Manish Chokwal said:

Hello @vidario,

I am afraid we do not have an option to arrange them in order. I have noted it as a feature request and shared it with the concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated here.


I do have similar "issue", but my main concern is, that the order in inline menu is different from the extension one.
Funny is, that whats in top place of extension / app is last in the inline version.

The order in the extension is most of the time OK as it accounts for usage frequency (or it seems like that), but in the inline filler, the most used accounts are almost always at the end of the list. Can you please at least use the same sorting on both places?



screenshot 2022-01-06 17.28.06.png

screenshot 2022-01-06 17.27.52.png

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