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Hi @kos1958,

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3 hours ago, kos1958 said:

is it possible to move all passwords at once from the recycle bin to the archive?

No, you need to restore all your passwords from Recycle Bin/Trash to those respective Vaults first and from there you can add these passwords to the Archive manually (Right-click on the item → Select Archive).

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I have this problem too, but it's a result of a bug in Enpass. I imported all my passwords from 1Password 7 to Enpass, and everything came over perfectly, but with one major problem: everything that was in my 1password archive is now in Trash in Enpass. And I can't just restore them because they'll get lost among the passwords that I want to keep. The limit in functionality is completely unnecessary here. In future updates could you allow us to move items directly from the trash to the archive? Currently there is no way to move my 111 passwords that were erroneously put into the trash directly into the archive. Is there any way you can fix this?

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