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Auto sync on multiple devices


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I am happily using Enpass on 3 desktop systems + 2 Android devices, and sync everything by Google Drive.

Every time I change something on one device, I must remember to manually sync - or just open the main app to trigger sync - on other devices in order to have changes applied locally.

It would be nice if e.g. the Android app checked the cloud stored DB version every x minutes and automatically triggered the local update, so when a new password added or changed on desktop, the same would be available on mobile without having to open the main mobile app to force sync.

Thank you.


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Hello @ZioSam,

Although I understand your concern regarding manually syncing your iOS/Android device, I would like to inform you that Enpass, an offline password manager, has this peculiar behavior. Nevertheless, your request for automatic syncing without opening the app has been shared with the concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated here. 


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