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When using enpass, the windows desktop app search is very slow (1~4 seconds)

I've been a developer for 16 years, so I've come across situations like this before. 
To the developers of enpass, have you tried using indexes? 

For an example of a client facing, near-instant search:
"SearchEverything" (https://www.voidtools.com/) performs near-instant searches across all file names on your filesystem (3.1 million+ objects on my system).

For an example of an off the shelf opensource search solution:
"ElasticSearch" (https://www.elastic.co/) is a software package that can be used by companies to perform lightning fast index based searches for their customers

There is no need for it to take several seconds to do this search! 

You can index on non-sensitive information, and then decrypt the password when the user requests it (copy/view password)
It might be worth have a look into.  If you're already doing this, why is it so slow compared to other index based searching?  Do you need to re-model your index structure?


Thank you for reading!
I see this is a common pain point of enpass usage.  If you could fix this, enpass becomes a very easy recommendation!


Enpass info:

693 items in vault

version: 6.74.934.0


System info:

CPU: 6700k

GPU: 1070 GTX


OS: windows 10 x64 pro 19044.1466

Edited by xfanth
Adding some more (hopefully helpful) information
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