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I was pleasantly surprised that the Linux version (Ubutnu 20.04) of Enpass is compatible with iCloud. :) This was not so clear to me from the manual etc.

Edit 220310: On second view, it's not so compatible. The browser auto fill option doesn't work. :(

Anyway, about all these feature requests: You often say you will take them into consideration etc. And we all understand that the developers time is limited and is first of all used for keeping up with the regular updates of os-es and fixing bugs.

Therefore, it seems only fair to be more open en upfront about this. Why not put all feature requests in a list and let the (registrated) public vote which they think is important? And put those on a public Road Map. I believe this would prevent a lot of disappointment and be better for everyone, including the people at Enpass who have to manage expectations… ;)

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I don't get why this hasn't been done way back. Especially for a software being developed behind closed curtains this is the only way to keep users up2date with expectations as well as letting them steer direction. 


I've suggested this over two years back and it's probably in the forums here as well 

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