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  1. Also, when editing the notes, even more space is unnecessary wasted. The larger your screen is, the more is left unused while editing, because the textfield has a limited height. Please, let us use this space. It's why we bought the larger monitor Also, we'd really appreciate rich text options. Now it's plain text only. No headers, no bold, no lists…
  2. This is the page that turns up on top when you google for 'enpass family sharing', but it doesn't really clearly explain how to share a vault with a family member. Nor does the FAQ. I'm not sure about all clouds, but if you are iCloud or Google Drive user, you'll want to save your main vault to your iCloud or Google Drive account or whatever you use to keep your personal devices in sync. But you can't seem to share your personal iCloud / whatever account with a family member, because iCloud accounts are unique and can only be accessed by one user. So the only way to share a vault, is to set up a dedicated cloud account, specially for 'family vault sharing'. It is mentioned in the FAQ as a 'suggestion'. This sounds as if it's optional, but it's not. It's the only way to sync between different users. edit: Since I already use Dropbox and iCloud, don't want to set up a WebDAV-server for, Box' website prices page didn't work and I don't trust Google with my password db, even if it's encrypted, I choose Nextcloud. There are free Nextcloud accounts available everywhere Once you know how it works / doesn't work, you can set it up relatively easily, but it took me hours to figure it all out. There is no guide on the enpass site. Enpass has YouTube videos, but not about the one I needed most: Setting up a family / shared vault. My suggestion therefore is: Make a video how to set up / share a vault with family. And not just the 'create vault / set password' 1-minute click-through, but also why / how to choose the extra cloud service you'll need for it and set up the account. It would make Enpass easier to use and imho would save the Enpass team from a lot of support questions For anyone with the same question: Basically, the steps are: Get a family account Install the Enpass apps on your devices and from within the desktop app the plugin(s) for your browser(s) Create your main vault / set password Sync them via a cloud service. Use the cloud you already use for other synching. FIRST add family / team members in https://console.enpass.io/ Do the same for them: Install Enpass apps / plugins on their devices, set up the main vault, sync it. Set up a new, separate cloud account that you're going to use for the shared vault. Since you can't have two iCloud accounts.. (well technically you can, but it's not worth the trouble imho) it's best to set up an account on a service you don't use already. That way it's easier to keep them apart. Or create another Dropbox, Box, whatever account for this. Create a new vault, on your device, name it, for example 'Family'. Sync it via the new, separate cloud account. You'd think you can add this vault to the Enpass app of others, but this is less obvious as you'd think. You need to set up a new vault on each members' device, name it manually(! So be sure to name it correctly, there is no automatic 'check'). Don't forget to sync it with the new, separate cloud account. Test it by adding an entry from one app, sync manually or restart the app and check if it syncs both ways.
  3. You mentioned that this was on the feature requests list. I couldn't find an actual feature request list, so I assumed this was it. and that it's open for 'upvotes'. I'm sorry if this was inappropriate.
  4. I'd like to second this. Not only do quite a few people have hundreds of logins and serials to keep track off, it's often more than worth it to keep some sort of log with them. What customer they belong to, what project, what anomalies took place, a few dates, cross relations with other accounts.. Over the years, it can grow to be quite a bit of text. It would be very helpful to have rich text formatting, to keep things clear. I have used 1Password for some time on a few projects and it's a great password manager, but not a day went by without the thought coming up: Why can't I format my text?
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