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Restore Master Pass

Dani Losada

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Hello everyone,

I recently changed my phone and when I wanted to recover the backup in googleDrive I realized that I had lost the master password and that I could not recover it in any way.

So I re-entered the data manually to the new phone.
I tried to create a new master pass (and save it better) but it only appears to modify it and asks me for the previous one which I don't have.

I have disconnected Enpass from googleDrive and would not want to backup if I do not have the master pass restored.

How could I restore the master pass on the new device without having to use a new account?


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Hi @Dani Losada,

Welcome to the Enpass Community Forums.

I understand that you are using a new master password on your device, and Google Drive data has an older master password. Therefore, I suggest trying the following steps to delete the Enpass data from Google Drive and then sync it with the Enpass:

  1. Open Google Drive in Browser → Go to Setting.
  2. Select Manage Apps → Click on Enpass Option.
  3. Select Delete hidden App Data. (make sure that hidden data is deleted from the drive).
  4. Now try to sync your Enpass data with the Google Drive.
  5. After a successful sync, you can restore your data via Google Drive on your new devices. 
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