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Using Enpass with OneDrive


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I am a new user with an "Enpass Lite" account (free) using the Windows 10 desktop app. I am confused about exactly how the cloud sync with OneDrive works.

When using this feature - does Enpass create an encrypted Vault file on my OneDrive, which is then downloaded by other devices like the Enpass app on my Android phone? Or is the encrypted Vault data passed through OneDrive without creating a file within OneDrive? If a file is created in OneDrive, what is the folder location?


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Hi @Samb123,

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

Syncing vault through OneDrive: It means that an encrypted copy of your Enpass vault data will be saved on OneDrive so that you can restore the same data across all devices. For example, you have two machines, a desktop and a mobile:

  1. Desktop: Sync your vault with OneDrive to save a copy of your Enpass data there.
  2. Mobile: Install Enpass -> From the welcome screen, restore from OneDrive. Or create a new vault and sync that with the same OneDrive account. 
  3. It will restore your Desktop data on mobile. Each time you make a change in the data on any synced device, sync will update it to OneDrive so that it is reflected in all other synced devices.

For in-depth information on data encryption of sync process, I suggest visiting our Security White Paper

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