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import csv file


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Hi had to find other manager cause myki stops in april

Thought it should be simple but M yki is not in the list but could also import from csv file.

Made a comma seperated file with this headers as in the sample file add all records no matter what I try keep getting nothing to import 

Title,Username,Email,Password,Website,TOTP Secret Key,Custom Field 1,*Custom Field 2,Note,Tags


Any help would be great

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Hi Manish I think that is outdated helpfile 

cost me more than 8 hours still no succes bought enpass, but try NordPass also no solution but a good helpfile all items are imported in NordPass

Should not be to difficuld make a csv sample (so I could copy and past the rows) (I know there is but try to make this work no succes)



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