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Have email and masterpass but did not back up to icloud and can login


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Have email and masterpass password but did not back up to icloud and can login. I have been trying to find a browser or even login from an Android phone but I seem to be unable to enter my vault despite having the masterpassword etc. I need to enter the vault bc my iPhone Apple ID is stored in there and my phone is currently stuck at activation lock without gaining access to vault and getting my AppleID password. PLEASE advise on how I can access my vault in any any for example a browser or anything?? Thank u all!

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Hi @carter.hazzy

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

As Enpass is an offline password manager, all your data is totally under your control and we have no access to it. This is to ensure the best and optimum security for your confidential data.

Since you confirmed that you did not back up your data via iCloud drive, could you please confirm if you have a manual backup/cloud sync set up with any different cloud account? If not, then please contact Apple Support so they may assist you further in this matter. You can also refer this link.

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