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Webforms alternative?


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When I create a custom field, on a login password, it doesn't autofill on the form.. I believe this should happen automatically. Recently I discovered the Webform which when I save the credentials for the first time, it creates a separate mapping form to autofill custom fields. is there any effortless way to do it other than on browser when form is being saved? like edit the login and add this mapping?


Ideally it should take label of custom field and map directly to label in the form we are filling. Why there is an additional step to map the login entry fields to form field?

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Hi @hvarun29

Using Save as Webform is the best choice when there are multiple custom fields on a webpage because, with this feature, Enpass can map multiple fields for auto-filling purposes. You can also refer to this link to know more about Webforms.

You can also try adding the item through the Inline menu function. When on the login page of this same website, enter your credentials. Upon entering your details, you will see the option 'Add to Enpass' (please refer to the attached image). Click it, and the information will be saved to Enpass.



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