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"All Vaults" / "One Vault": Missing: Selected Vaults Only Feature


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Enpass is great!
The best features for me are that I can pick myself where my synced vaults are storaged and that there are several vaults I can mount in the same session in the same app.

What Enpass can do right now is switch between "All Vaults" and one singular vault.

What I am really missing though is a setting that lets me pick several vaults (like 2 or 3) and keep all other vaults deselected.

Example 1:
I have my personal vault and our companys commonly used vault. Those two I need all the time, a few dozen times a day.
I created another vault for my old mother, that I really dont need more than twice a year.
So more than 360 days a year my moms passwords bother me when I pick "All Vaults" since I need my private and the work-passwords only.
Otherwise I have to switch constantly between the personal vault and work vault a hundred times a day to not get my moms vault get in the way.

Example 2:
My best friend works in an IT-Company. For every bigger customer he puts up an own vault so he can have the passwords by hand when he visits and does support at the company.
He would love to have this feature, too:
Having only his private vaults and the work vault as a standard setting.
Since he doesnt want to be bothered with hundreds and thousand of passwords of ALL the vaults every day he is also forced to constantly switch between 2 or 3 vaults a few times per hour.

Example 3:
As a company you surely dont want to share your most essential and important work-passwords with new trainees and apprentices, but you do want to integrate them into company structures. So several vaults are necessary: one for more trusted employees and one for employees in probation. Switching between a few company vaults, a few private vaults and customer vaults can make things a little laborious.

All this constant switching and being bothered with an endless number of rarely used passwords would be over if Enpass lets us make an selection of shown vaults.
Enpass is awesome, and if it ever gets the feature to lets us make an selecion of shown vaults, too, it would be close to perfect.

Thank you very much for reading and maybe considering!



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