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Enpass opens when changing presentation mode


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I have a weird problem since upgrading to Windows 11.

I have 2 screens, so I regularly use the Windows + P shortcut to change the presentation mode (single screen or extended mode). When I change mode, and if Enpass is locked, it opens in full screen. I tried reinstalling Enpass, without improvement. Windows 11 is a fresh install.

Are you aware of this problem?

Enpass Version (Microsoft Store) : 6.8.0 (1002)

Windows 11 Professionnel (21H2)

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Hi @sacha0501

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

Thank you for your feedback on our Enpass beta (ver. 6.8.0) app. Could you please also check if the same issue is occurring after downloading the Enpass app website version? I have also forwarded your concern to our dedicated testing team. As soon as they update me on this matter, I'll be sure to notify you on this forum. Thanks for your patience in the interim.


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Sorry for the delay.
After tests, I only have this behavior with Enpass (if I change the display mode, Enpass opens in full screen while it is minimized in the taskbar corner). For me it's an Enpass bug, because there is this behavior only once per boot.
I don't understand when you say you have the same with Chrome or Notepad.
I have other applications in the taskbar corner (Steam, Spotify, Roccat Swarm, iCue,...) which don't open if I switch to single screen / dual screen.

I tested on my work computer running Windows 11, and I have this problem too, and only with Enpass. For example, my company's password manager (1password) doesn't open.

I made a video of my screens so that you better understand the problem (https://youtu.be/-zivczTnkxo)


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