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form filling, what am I doing wrong?


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Long time Enpass paid user here.  Love it.  Converted my wife to using password managers with it.  It's mostly great.  I love the decentralized vault scheme.

I just wish it supported form filling.


Chrome natively will auto-fill a form like the ones below, as you start to type any credentials into fields.  You can then choose which identity to use, it's beautiful.


When Enpass is set to be in control of this, I don't know how to autofill the form.  I try by clicking the assistant and going to identities, but nothing happens.

Here are two example form pages (be careful what you auto-fill here!)



What's worse is that it appears that I can't let Chrome do the form filling, but let Enpass do the password login filling.


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Hi @electrolund,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Using Save as Webform is the best choice when there are multiple custom fields on a webpage because, with this feature, Enpass can map multiple fields for auto-filling purposes. You can also refer to this link to know more about Webforms.

You can also try adding the item through the Inline menu function. When on the login page of this same website, enter your credentials. Upon entering your details, you will see the option 'Add to Enpass' (please refer to the attached image). Click it, and the information will be saved to Enpass.


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Thanks for the help!  Ok, this webform feature is new to me.  I filled in several of the fields on both of my examples above.  I right-clicked on the page and went to the Enpass option, then the hamburger, and "Save as webform".  But nothing shows up in my Enpass as an item.  Where do I find the saved webform?

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