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Passwords disappeared, but their "ghosts" lurk...


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I use Enpass on Windows 10. Almost all of my passwords disappeared from Enpass overnight, and I do not know why; only a few password appear on the desktop app and the browser extension. However, when trying to reset my password for any of the missing websites, Enpass says there is an existing password for the website and asks if I want it updated. That makes me hopeful that my passwords are still around somewhere. Is there any way to retrieve my passwords? Resetting them on every website is quite time consuming. Thank you!

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Hi @Help

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

This is definitely a very peculiar occurrence. Could you please confirm if you synchronized your Enpass vault data or created a manual backup? If yes, I suggest reinstalling your Enpass app and restoring your data via the cloud server/backup file. If the issue persists, please share the version of the Enpass app you are using and I'll get this further investigated for you.


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Hi @Help

Please try the below troubleshooting steps and share your findings with me -

  1. Take a manual backup of all the vaults. Click on Hamburger menu → files → backup.

  2. Open the Enpass app in another device and restore the backup from the Welcome screen (personal → this pc → backup file → choose the file)

  3. Now observe if all of your old passwords are visible.

  4. If you see all your passwords in your new device, then only proceed further with the steps. Erase the data from the first device using the “Erase everything” in advanced setting and uncheck the box “Remove all backups”.

  5. Now restore the data from the backup file from the welcome screen.

Let me know if the passwords were not visible in Step-3.


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