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See categories in the entries


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Hi @Bleeddragon,

Hope you are doing great.

To help organize your items automatically, Enpass includes familiar built-in categories. Each category has a set of template items, so when you choose a category when creating an item, you already have all the fields you need for the information you're storing. For more information refer to this link from our user manual.

On 5/26/2022 at 11:35 PM, Bleeddragon said:

I can't see in the entries which category they are assigned to and especially which ones don't have a category yet.

When you click on categories each category have total number of items defined on the right side of it. Every item you create is present inside some category. If you are unable to see the category column in you Enpass then follow these steps:

  • Open Enpass--> Go to "Menu" (hamburger option )--> Click on "View" --> Select "Categories" from the list. 
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Thank you for your reply, but it seems I have expressed myself in an incomprehensible way.
It is about existing items. When I open them, I can't see which category they are in.
I have some items that don't seem to have a category, but when I edit them I can't see if they have a category or not.
In the category menu I can't see the entries that are not assigned to a category. It would be good to have an entry "no category assigned" then you could assign them accordingly.

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