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 i have an Huawei Mate 10 Pro with Oreo. 

I followed this guide:


Everytime i activate Autofill, a short time later, the autofill is no longer marked. 

It first is working a short time and after i do some time nothing with my phone the settings disappear.

Before i had an Huawei P8, there was the same Problem, but i thought it would better with Oreo.

I have another Samsung S7 with Nougat, there it works fine.

Does anybody know the reason, is it because auf EMUI?



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Hey man,

I am using a Honor 9 which also belongs to Huawei. Had the same problem. Here is what I did on Oreo:

  1. Go to Settings -> Battery  -> Start (I dont know how its called in your language. On German its called "Starten")
  2. Search for Enpass in the list
  3. Put the slider off so it is not blue (a new window will come up)
  4. In the new window which comes up make sure that ALL options are on (blue). You will see that the last option is for example run in background etc.
  5. Go back to first page of settings. Go Settings -> Apps. The list where you find all your installed apps.
  6. When you have the list of your apps look at the bottom of the screen. You will find two floating buttons "Settings" and a three dot button. Click on the settings button.
  7. Now open the last menu point "Special access" or whatever its called in your language.
  8. Now open the first menu item "Ignore Battery optimization"
  9. Now click where it says "allow" and click on "all apps"
  10. Now search for enpass in the list and click on it
  11. In the new menu select "Allow" and then press ok.
  12. Go first page of settings again -> Intelligent Support -> Accessibility Service
  13. Select Enpass and turn on

Basically this will prevent the system to close/optimize Enpass and its services when Enpass is closed. Since I did this I have no problems on Oreo.

But as you can see its not very comfortable to do all those things. Think of an average user. He will just rage why the autofill does deactivate itselft. This is total bullshit from Google.

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Hey Monk,

ich hab auch des Honor 9 gekauft und wollte heute alles installieren. Habe dann das Problem mit dem Autofill entdeckt und Deinen Post hier gefunden. Habe alles gemacht was Du gesachrieben hast, scheint aber trotzdem nicht zu gehen. Also der Haken verschwindet einfach wieder sobald man das Menü verlässt.

Hast Du noch irgend eine Idee?

Sonst muss das Honor leider wieder zurück, ich mag Autofill nicht mehr missen, hab mich so dran gewöhnt.


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