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It would be great if enpass had the ability to generate usernames and email addresses. That would help users be more secure while increasing their privacy online.

I currently generate my usernames using https://www.spinxo.com. It works well but it's an extra step I wish I didn't have to do.

For emails, we could have a list of custom domain and a list of address that supports the + format. Like "mydomain.tld" and "myname@gmail.com". When adding a new login, we'd have the ability to pick an address/domain from this list and enpass would generate a unique address based on the selection. Like "[something-random]@mydomain.com" and "myname+[something-random]@gmail.com"

Those features are supported by bitwarden so I'm assuming it's something other users will find useful.  https://bitwarden.com/help/generator/#generate-a-username

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I love Bitwarden's username generation, especially being able to create DuckDuckGo emails right in the app and not having to visit their website/extension. I wish Enpass can impliment this since I don't feel like switching password managers :)

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