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Crash after clicking on taskbar tray icon (reproducible)

Timo K.

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I have found a bug that I can reproduce anytime.

This crash keeps happening when I click on the taskbar tray icon while Enpass is just running in the background.
After clicking on the taskbar tray icon, Enpass crashes for unknown reasons. 

Another error happens afterwards when I want to select my key file after restarting - here Enpass hangs again and I have to quit it via Task Manager. Only after this and after a new restart of Enpass the WIndows Explorer appears to select the key file.

I have created a video of this for you. Unfortunately I can't upload it directly here (mp4 is not allowed), so I uploaded it to my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VlKCgYxSoOD1y_vQ2VPbxe6z4gOANRZc/view?usp=sharing


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Hi @Timo K.

We were able to reproduce the bug on our end, due to which this issue is occurring. Our dedicated team is working on fixing it, and a patch addressing this issue will be released soon for the future Enpass versions. We appreciate your patience while we work on fixing this bug and apologize for any inconvenience caused to you in this matter.


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