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Sync - Problems WebDav / Synology / iPhone - Error 904035


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ich habe ein Sync Problem mit WebDav.

Ich besitze eine Synology NAS, hier liegen verschiedene Tresore ab. 
Ein Sync mit verschiedenen Windows-Rechnern ist kein Problem. Jedoch habe ich diese Tresore auch auf 3 verschiedenen iPhones, hier bekomme ich den Fehler 904035.

Der Sync ging auch schon mal, es wurde weder die Serveradresse noch Benutzer oder Passwort in letzter Zeit geändert.

Ich habe nun schon einige Beiträge gelesen, jedoch weiß ich noch immer nicht ob es an der Application "Enpass" liegt oder am WebDav Server von Synology?

Ein Konvertieren des Pfades wo die Tresore liegen ist bei mir auch nicht möglich.

Synology:            DSM    6.2.4-25556 Update 6  

WebDav :            2.4.3-0117

Iphone:                IOS 15.4 & 15.5
App:                     6.6.3 (542)

Ein Downgrade des WebDav-Servers ist auch nicht möglich, da die Version 2.4.0-0062 nicht mehr zur 
installierten DSM Version passt.

Gibt es schon einen Lösungsansatz?

Bzw. wo liegt der Fehler - eher an Enpass oder am WebDav-Server?

Vielen Dank fürs Feedback um Voraus.







I have a sync problem with WebDav.

I have a Synology NAS, where various vaults are stored. 
A sync with different Windows computers is no problem. However, I also have these safes on 
3 different iPhones, here I get the error 904035.

The sync has worked before, but neither the server address nor the user or password has been changed recently.
I have already read a few posts, but I still don't know if it's the application "Enpass" or the web. 
"Enpass" application or the WebDav server from Synology?

Converting the path where the vaults are located is also not possible for me.

Synology:            DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 6    
WebDav:             2.4.3-0117

Iphone:                IOS 15.4 & 15.5
App :                     6.6.3 (542)

A downgrade of the WebDav server is also not possible, as version 2.4.0-0062 no longer fits the 
DSM version installed.

Is there already a solution?

Or where does the error lie - rather with Enpass or with the WebDav server?

Many thanks for your feedback in advance.





Picture -  16.06.2022 13.25.24 012.jpg

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After one month, I think there should already be new findings here.

After all, we are not talking about freeware here, but with a purchased software, which should definitely include a certain framework of support.

I ask for clarification of the error and feedback!

Thank you very much.

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9 hours ago, Gulshan Dogra said:

Hi @Black1210,

Please DM me the details of your WebDAV demo account and share its login id and password along with the URL. I will then get this investigated for you on priority.

Oh please, are you serious? Letting your users do work on a bug that you should already be aware of. That's exactly the same bug as reported e.g. in these threads noted below - and it has been buggy for months and it has nothing to do with the specific WebDAV server of specific users. It is one thing to not get it fixed in a timely manner, but pretending that some user action would help although you know or at least should know about the bug since long ago is really really bad.






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