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New user questions/problems generating new passwords and auto-filling them

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Hi. I'm using EnPass 6.8.2 on macOS Monterey. This past week, I switched from 1Password, which I'd used for over 10 years. 

Anyway, I have a question or two about generating new passwords and auto-filling on a web page. Here's my situation:

Recently, a website, for which I have a username and password, forced me to reset my password. On the reset page there were fields for "Password" and "Confirm Password." I generated the new password using Safari's EnPass extension but the extension only filled the new password in the "Password" field and not the "Confirm Password" field. 

This wouldn't have been a problem if EnPass also automatically copied the new password to my clipboard, which is something 1Password would do. If it did, I could just paste the new password into the "Confirm Password" field.

But because it didn't, I had to go into the EnPass application and into a Login entry and click on "Generator History," then find the latest generated password and then the little "eye" button to see the password. Disapointingly, "Generator History" has a "Fill" option but not a copy option.

So, the situaton was kind of a mess. A mess I never experienced in 1Password.

So, I'm wondering: is there any way to set EnPass to automaticaly copy newly generated passwords to the clipboard? 

Can you (the makers of Enpass) please add a "Copy" option in the Generator History?

Please note: if I don't receive a response from EnPass to this post in the next few days then I'm going email support.



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Hi @Sky,

Welcome to the Enpass Community Forum.

I appreciate your efforts in reporting the presence of this issue. It could be a website-specific issue as Enpass fills both fields. In order to assist you better, please share the URL of the website where you have experienced this issue. 

Enpass does not automatically copy or fill the generated password, it has to be selected manually. In addition, the "Fill button" will fill the password field but does not copy it to the clipboard. For that, we have a separate option "Fill and Copy" by clicking on the three dots(Top-Right corner of the password generator). Furthermore, we already have the copy button(As shown in the screenshot). 


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